Friday, 2 September 2016

Uzbekistan President, Islam Karimov passes on at 78

The longest-ruling Muslim leader of Soviet Union era is dead

The longest-ruling Muslim leader from the Soviet era, Islam Karimov has died aged 78, Reuters reports.

News of  President Karimov’s death was considered as premature. Interfax news agency filed a retraction in the afternoon of Friday, September 2. 

 However, the daughter of the late leader put an end to the 'controversy' by announcing the death of her father on Instagram in Uzbek which when translated means: “He has passed away… Trying to pick proper words, and I still cannot believe that…”

Uzbek President Karimov died after suffering a stroke, leaving no obvious successor to take over the Central Asian nation. 

Earlier on September 2 Uzbek government said the health of Karimov, who has been in hospital since last Saturday, had sharply deteriorated. 

The Uzbekistan government is holding a funeral for President Islam Karimov on September 3, Saturday. The video below shows that the body of the Muslim leader has arrived in his home-town Samarkand where the funeral may take place.

Municipal authorities also reportedly mobilized public workers to clean the central streets late on Thursday.