Tuesday, 27 September 2016

This is the latest app for sperm donation

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Yes, you read that right.

A sperm donation company,  London Sperm Bank Donor has launched a new app which lets women choose the father of their child.

The company has created the app which allows users to track down potential fathers by picking their desired characteristics, The Times reports.

For a £950 payment, donors can register to be listed on the app before users are able to filter by eye and hair colour, as well as education, occupation and personality.

And if this careful selection process doesn't produce the perfect match,  the user can create a "wish list" alert, which will tell them when their dream donor is available.

For example,  the woman might need a doctor, who has "a strong character" and is "articulate and deep thinking," or a lawyer who "feels passionately about the environment and loves spending time exploring on his bike and connecting with the natural world."

The donor descriptions read like a profile you might find on a dating site like Tinder, but this is all part of the sperm bank's aim to promote the app as a regular online service.

"You make all the transactions online like you do anything else these days," Dr Kamal Ahuja, scientific director of the London Sperm Bank, told The Times. "This allows a woman who wants to get a sperm donor to gain control in the privacy of her own home and to choose and decide in her own time. We think this is the first of its kind in the world."

The app is approved by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology.