Saturday, 17 September 2016

How to deal with hair growth on your nipples

You're applying lotion to your body and you see it a strand of hair right there on your nipple.

Ever been disturbed about why hair grows in ‘weird’ places?

There is no reason to freak, it’s natural.

“Our body has hair follicles and oil glands everywhere, together with around the nipples, thus there's always the potential for hair growth," according to Lance Brown, MD, a New York dermatologist.

There are about fifty million hair follicles covering your body and only one-fifth of them are placed on your scalp leaving lots of different places for random little hairs to appear.

The most common other parts of the body you'll find hair are your nipples, your chin, earlobes, and belly button.

When it comes to your nipples, hair usually pops up on or right outside of the areola. On your ears, you may notice a solitary coarse hair on your lobe fighting along with your earring for attention.

On your abdomen, you may find yourself with a lot of pronounced patch of hair from your navel to your pubes or some random hairs around your belly button. Your chin is one of the foremost common places to search out strands of hair.

This is why hair grows in odd places:

Your new hairy friends could be because of hormonal fluctuations, like those that accompany menopause or maternity. Particular medications may also cause excessive hair growth, like danazol, testosterone, glucocorticoids, anabolic steroids, phenytoin, minoxidil, and cyclosporine.

Another reason could be that you may have hirsutism, a condition that causes excessive, coarse body hair in ladies. Hirsutism is often hereditary or could be an indication of a serious condition, like polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). However, PCOS is comparatively rare, affecting simply five to 10 percent of ladies worldwide. Of course, if you are not sure about any hair growth, talk to your doctor.

Tweezers are your best at-home option for dealing with a few stray hairs.

Small Tip - Try tweezing after showering, when the hairs are softer and easier to tug. Shaving or waxing is also a far better fit for larger patches of hair on your abdomen or chin. If you are looking for a more permanent fix, laser hair removal works too even though it isn't a completely permanent solution, it is long-term .

Source: Mediklik