Friday, 9 September 2016

Adults are raving about this latest way to make friends offline #huggle #huggleapp #discoveryourtribe

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You all know how great friendship can be beneficial to your health.

As a younger person, it may have been easy to meet new people on the school playground or classroom, as the case may be.

Making friends as adults is quite different. There is a Yoruba adage, which when translated, means that "20 children cannot be friends for 20 years". In essence, you or your friends either move out of town due to work or entering into other relationships.

This makes it rather hard to make friends as an adult. Imagine moving to a new city where you know absolutely nobody, or you're simply to busy to actually go out and meet people.

 Are you in search of some ‘real’ friends who you can talk to and hang out with?  Then Huggle is be the app you’ve been waiting for!

Huggle works by connecting you to people who go to the same places as you. So if you are a fitness fanatic that’s looking for someone to grab a coffee with after your morning workout session, or a student who is looking for schoolmates you haven't met, then Huggle will show you who else is hanging out where you are.

Likewise if you’re an big movie fan you can see who else hangs out at your local cinema! It’s a great way to connect with people you have things in common and share a similar lifestyle with.

The app functions using your Facebook account  focusing on the ‘matched via places in common’ function and how you would use this to connect with people in your everyday life e.g.: you met someone at a gig whilst watching your favourite band but got no name/number, just download Huggle, you’ll see who else has been to that place and voila, discover and connect!

On Huggle you can only contact users if you have a place in common with them. This reduces harassment because people are less likely to send rude messages to those who go to the same places as them.

Sociologist, Dr Alex Hughes, praises Huggle for it’s realistic platform for connecting users:

"From the very first moment of meeting someone, how similar you are to that person plays a huge role in future interactions. Whether it’s romantic relationships or friendships, people are naturally attracted to similarity rather than appearance. Therefore sourcing a relationship based on appearance is not credible when looking for a long-term partnership. Individuals need to have shared interests, attitudes and values, for any relationship to work.”

Huggle filters who you connect with based on where you go, what you do, what you're interested in and how you live your life. You are where you go, so let your lifestyle do the talking.

In case you're concerned about online safety, Huggle has been praised for deterring inappropriate online behaviour.

Huggle is the first app to provide safety features, such as it’s one minute photo verification and hyper-local technology, which automatically picks up users' locations and stops fake check-ins.  You can use Huggle anywhere in the world.

No random people can see your list of places only you! And you can only speak to people if you have a place in common.

In a society that tries to eradicate bullying, physical shaming, racial and cultural differences, it’s astounding that apps encourage people to judge others by their appearance.

Guys, let us know what you think about the app, I'm loving it already!