Monday, 1 August 2016

Watch pregnant woman's pole-dancing stunt in between contractions

You've got to be a pro to be able to do that!

Kat Bailey is a pole-dancing and exercise teacher who is also pregnant.

Her expected due date is today, August 1st and she started feeling contractions on July 31st. While most moms prefer to be active to help distract them from painful contractions, Kat decided to be active on a entirely different level by her pole-dancing stunt.

She's the owner of PoleKate Fitness and had promised her friend she would display a move known as the Iron X while she was in labor "just to show that [she] still can."

As soon as her water broke, Kat decided to make good on her promise by showing off the move on video and uploading it to her Facebook page.

While it may look easy,, the Iron X is actually quite complex, requiring the use of her upper body and core strength to lift her body off the ground horizontally, then segueing into a full split. Seriously. Just watch this madly impressive move with has gathered over 50,000 views.