Thursday, 4 August 2016

Thirty killed by Fulani herdsmen in Adamawa on August 3

About 30 people have been reportedly murdered by suspected Fulani herdsmen in the Kodomun Community, Demsa Local Government of Adamawa State.

The attackers were said to have burnt down a large part of the settlement and killed mostly children and the elderly who were unable to run for safety.

Youth from Kodomun found corpses of  other slain members of the community in the bushes. \The head of the hunters and vigilante group in charge of the council area, Mr. Hyniel Giwa, said the attack started on Sunday and lasted till Monday morning, adding that it took the intervention of the security forces and vigilante groups to stop herdsmen from burning the entire Kodomum village to the ground.

"When they heard the sirens of the brigade commander and commissioner of police coming into the village, that was when they abandon their operations and ran away," he said.

Giwa said most of the villagers affected by the attack had since fled the area, adding that some were seen fleeing to Numan town and to Yola, the state capital.

He said some of the injured victims were taken to the specialist hospital in Yola by their relatives who were able to flee with them. Slain victims of the attack were buried by locals in the area on Wednesday.

The Police spokesman of the state command, Superintendent Abubakar Othman, said 11 people died in the attack with several others injured.