Saturday, 27 August 2016

Death of Nigerian social worker at London party in the U.K ruled as an accident

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Edmund Echukwu, 35, of Springwood Crescent in Edgware, attended James Bond meets Pussy Galore swingers party on March 28, 2015, after he told his friend he was attending an evening mass, but later died after drowning in a swimming pool.

He went into the pool and quickly got into trouble. Tragically, no one came to his aid as many thought his struggles were part of the festivities at the party. It was almost 10 minutes before the alarm was raised, by which time he was already dead.

The father of three, attended the party for the first time, despite telling an organiser he had attended before, according to evidence submitted to the inquest at Herts Coroner’s Court on Thursday.

His friend, Anthony Okonkwo, also submitted evidence which described how he knew Echukwu and the events leading up to his death. In the statement he said that Echukwu had seemed ‘stressed’ due to his immigration status and they had watched a football match together that day.

Echukwu then told him he was going to attend an evening mass at their church. A post-mortem found that the alcohol in his system. Senior coroner Geoffrey Sullivan recorded a verdict of accidental death, giving the cause of death as immersion and minor alcohol intoxication.