Saturday, 20 August 2016

Bloody War On Drugs: Phillipines Police kill over 600 in two months

President Duterte of Phillipines pledged to double police salaries by the end of the year, and put meth-addicts, who he described as being "no longer viable as human beings", in 'rehab camps' on military bases.

As a result, the police in the country have made extra effort in that area. The country's police revealed they were responsible for the deaths of nearly 600 drug suspects since the start of July even though local media reports suggest the true number could be well over 1,000, when killings apparently carried out by vigilante gangs are also taken into account.

President Rodrigo Duterte  who took office seven weeks ago, after a landslide election victory, won on a promise to launch a "bloody war" against drugs and he has been doing do despite the United Nations urging the new president to end the wave of extra-judicial killings, carried across the country as part of a radical anti-drug campaign.

A Philippine senator, the chairwoman of the Senate committee on justice, Ms. De Lima, on Thursday accused President Rodrigo Duterte of an “abuse of power”.

In a televised press conference Wednesday, Mr. Duterte called Sen. Leila De Lima an “immoral woman” and accused her of having an affair with her driver, who is married, and of accepting money from drug dealers to buy him a house.

Ms. De Lima rejected the allegations, describing them as “foul” and an attempted character assassination. Mr. Duterte has been widely criticized for naming and shaming people without producing evidence for his allegations.