Thursday, 25 August 2016

83-year-old dead after being eaten alive by neighbour's dogs

This has to be one of the worst things I’ve ever heard in my life.

An 83-year-old man  was dismembered to death by a pack of four dogs near his home in Florida.

Michael Downing was killed near his home in Jacksonville at around 4pm on Friday, according to officials.

Neighbours discovered Mr Downing’s body by a set of bins next to his home and the dog owner’s home. He was barely recognisable, WFTV9 reports.

There was only 30 per cent left of his body.

It is thought Mr Downing may have been dragged into the yard by the animals from the other side of their fence, while other neighbours claim to have witnessed the dogs slipping through holes in the fence on previous occasions.

One neighbour told the Florida Times Union that the dogs had treated Mr Downing like a “rag doll”. The four animals, identified as a Rottweiler, and three dogs of mixed breeds of German shepherd, Rottweiler and chow chow, had torn off the man’s legs and ripped flesh from his arms and head.

Neighbours said Mr Downing had been a frail, elderly man who had recently been given a wheelchair, and would have been unable to fight back. They have also expressed concerns that the dogs will return.

The owner of the four dogs has since claimed that neighbours had regularly agitated the animals.

Lephus Fenton, 52, whose property is separated from Mr Downing’s apartment complex by a fence, told the newspaper that he was not at home at the time of the attack.

He had hoped the Jacksonville Animal Care and Protective Services would return his dogs once they had been evaluated, but the centre has since said the animals are in the process of being declared dangerous.

Mr Fenton will be able to appeal the decision made by the centre but officials have indicated the process of declaring the dogs as dangerous is continuing, which could see the animals humanely euthanised, News4Jaxreports.

Police have said they are discussing possible charges for Mr Fenton with the State Attorney’s office. No arrest has been made yet.

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