Thursday, 4 August 2016

30 children die from unknown disease in Myanmar

About 30 children have died in northwestern Myanmar, formerly Burma, since mid-June from an unknown disease that causes breathing difficulty, officials said on Thursday, August 4.

“We have had this problem since two months ago and we haven’t received any help from the government yet,” said Kay Sai, a local administrator. He said the deaths have been recorded in Nanyun and Lahe towns in the Naga region, one of the poorest in the country, about 1,300 kilometers from Yangon, adjoining India’s Nagaland state.

Kay Sai said officials have not been able to identify the disease, which appears to be contagious and has affected victims who have been younger than five.

It is not yet clear what the symptoms are.

 Blood samples have been sent to a hospital in the neighboring Saggaing division but there has been no response from the Ministry of Health, or the Department of Prevention of Transmitted Diseases on the outbreak.

Local authorities have temporarily banned people from traveling around to prevent contagion.

Law Yone, a local lawmaker of Lahe township, said that the region suffers from inadequate transportation, insufficient number of health care workers and medicine. Because of the backwardness, even curable diseases have proved to be deadly in the past he said.