Friday, 8 July 2016

This man is 77 and can't stop stealing

Old habits die hard, they say and that is the case of a 77-year-old man from India, Dhani Ram Mittal.

The septuagenarian kleptomaniac  who can't stop stealing, has earned himself a name with the police.  He is known in police records as Super Natwarlal or Indian Charles Sobhraj, or simply as Super Thief.

He was arrested for the 25th time on Tuesday since he first landed in prison in 1964. Mittal was released on bail only in June after his arrest early this year for a car theft. He allegedly stole at least four cars in the past month.

In his crime career which has spanned 52 years career in crime, he has amassed at least 128 FIRs; posed as a cop, a judge, a police inspector and government officer, among others.

In the late 1960s, he was a clerk in a Rohtak court. When the judge went on a vacation, he took his chair for over two months and gave bail to many criminals.

To think that he's a graduate in law and a student of calligraphy; Mittal has also posed as regional transport officers too and forged car papers. He even argues his own case in court.

He had also landed the job of a railway station master in 1968, producing fake documents.

He was arrested this Tuesday after a police team found him driving a Maruti Esteem, which he had allegedly stolen in June.

CCTV footage shows it takes less than a minute for Mittal to break into a car. That's a pro!

He is old but refuses to change his ways, an investigator explained. “He says he cannot do without stealing. He steals old cars such as Esteems, Maruti 800s, Hyundai Santros, which do not have security alarms and digital keys. He pretends to be on the phone and uses a master key to break into old cars.”

Police said he must have stolen around 500 cars so far.
“He does not need the money. But he has always been a con man. He cannot do anything else, though he is old,” an officer said.

Interestingly, he refuses to be lodged in the separate ward where elderly prisoners are kept. He prefers to hang around with the younger ones and this gives the opportunity to form a new gang each time he goes to prison.

Mittal is a family man, living with his wife and a daughter-in-law in outer Delhi’s Narela. Frustrated over his refusal to change, his two sons left him and live by themselves.