Saturday, 30 July 2016

Stephen Keshi junior laments being abandoned by Nigerian government

Orphaned Stephen Keshi Junior, son of the late Super Eagles coach, Stephen Keshi, took to Instagram page  to lament how the Federal government's promises to honor his father at his father's funeral rites were not honoured. 

He wrote:

"I sat in front of the federal government on national television a few weeks ago and they promised they would honor pops the way he deserves. They said that he has done too much for the country for them not to. 

"They made us change dates to fit the federal governments schedule. But they didn't do as promised, we aren't mad, nor sad, just disappointed, they should be ashamed of themselves.

"This sends a terrible message to our youth that are striving to do great things for Nigeria. The good thing is that we was raised not to ask for handouts. There will be no more postponements, today the funeral ceremonies began in Benin, the place he loved, where his career started. 

:My sisters, brother and I held it down, with the help of a few others, and now we are putting our pops to rest. We don't owe anyone shit and we can say they owe pops everything. No salt, it is not the people's fault, we still love Nigeria as pops did".