Friday, 15 July 2016

Pictured: Grandma gruesomely attacked by pit bulls

A 67-year-old woman mauled by two pit bulls outside her home last week and thankfully is recovering at Medical Center Hospital after a skin graft surgery on Monday.

Her son, Sam Rodriguez, 48,  said in an interview that one or both of the animals “ripped off a significant amount of flesh” from her neck and chin, and he provided photos of his mother in the hospital after the gruesome attack.

Juanita Rodriguez

“She’s in real real good spirits,” Rodriguez said. “She’s conscious. She can talk and everything. She’s very positive about all of this. She’s a trooper.”

The woman, Juanita Rodriguez, was taking out trash at about 11:18 a.m. Friday in an alley near South Lee Avenue and West Ada Street when the animals mauled her face, neck and chest. 

Officers arrested the owners of the two pit bulls, 40-year-olds Aurelio Hernandez-Leyva and Maria Quintero-Leyva. They lived nearby. Each was charged with third-degree felony Attack by Dog under the Texas Health and Safety Code. The Leyvas, 716 S. Lee. Ave., were released Saturday from the Ector County Detention Center, each on a $50,000 bond.

In this case, police reported witnesses said the dogs had been aggressive before and said there were previous escapes. Investigators found the fence surrounding the Leyvas' backyard was in disrepair, with a broken gate and holes in the chain link.

The two pit bulls seized Friday will remain quarantined for a total 10 days to make sure they do not have rabies. The dogs are expected to be taken to Animal Control so they can be euthanized or police will seek a court order to euthanize them.

She was  saved by her son's childhood friend Louie Garza, who helped fend off the animals, called 911 and aided his bleeding mother until an ambulance arrived. They slowed the bleeding with a towel, but by then her clothes were covered in blood and skin was hanging from her neck.

All her family members were really concerned because initially, emergency responders reported her injuries as life threatening. 

That is not the case anymore, as she's responding to treatment.