Saturday, 23 July 2016

Michael Jackson's doctor wants his medical licence back

Conrad Murray

Dr Conrad Murray was blamed for music icon, Michael Jackson's death six years ago, but sees no reason he shouldn't be able to practise once again.

Heart specialist Murray wants his medical licence back so as to return to making a living from his profession.

The heart specialist has applied to have his suspension lifted, claiming he is hard up and has to rely on handouts from friends, Sunday Mirror reports.

Michael Jackson
The late Michael Jackson

Despite being jailed over in 2011 for four years over the superstar’s shocking and premature death, Murray is to reapply for his suspended medical license to be reinstated in the two states in which he mainly worked; California and Nevada.

Murray, 63, insists: “I am an innocent man.”

He claims that although he was in Jackson’s house when he died, aged 50, from a lethal dose of the anaesthetic propofol, he played no part in his death.

“I was unjustly punished for a crime that never happened,” said Murray.

“I see no reason why I shouldn’t be able to practise in the U.S,” he said. “I surrendered my licence voluntarily and am confident it will be re-instated in both states.”

Born in the Caribbean island of Grenada, before later moving to Trinidad and Tobago, Murray said he was still able to practise in the Caribbean if he so wished.

“I am a doctor by profession and no one can ever take that title away from me,” said Murray, who is said to have been earning $150,000 a month as Jackson’s personal physician at the time of his death.

“Since being freed, I have continued to help my patients and many new patients who have come to me because of my reputation,” he said.

“They come from across the world; from Spain, Israel, America and the South Pacific. Do I charge them? No. I do not charge for my services. I volunteer to help them and see them through their problems.

“Most are major heart surgery patients. I help them and I help give them peace of mind. How do I benefit? The one thing that has always driven me is the fulfillment of making a difference.

“I am highly skilled and have an unblemished medical record. My career has been impeccable.”