Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Blue wine is in vogue this summer


Wines have always come in different colours, depending on  the grapes from which they’re born. Full-bodied reds, refreshingly crisp whites, and—of course—rosé. There;s a new trend in wine colour. Yup, you read that right. Bright blue wine.

Gik, a new company out of Spain, is responsible for what could be the next new craze in wine. The company’s website states that they changed the colour to a bright blue that makes the wine “sweeter and easier to drink.” 

(Have you ever come across a wine that's hard to drink?)

Apparently, the blue hue comes from organic pigments in the skin of the grapes themselves, but it makes you a bit wary of this newest development, doesn't it?

There’s a definite probability that we’re going to have to taste-test this bright blue creation when we can get our hands on a bottle of it.