Wednesday, 20 July 2016

'Black people' kill another white cop in Kansas City

A police officer in Kansas City, Kansas, USA has been shot on Tuesday  (US time) while chasing suspects allegedly involved in a drive-by shooting, has died, police Chief Terry Zeigler said.

The officer was identified as Capt. Robert Melton, 46,  had been with the department for 17 years.

The police chief told reporters the officer was looking for four people in a car some time before 2 p.m. when the vehicle was spotted and a chase began. The chase ended about 2 miles from where the suspects were initially reported to a 911 dispatcher.

One person is in custody and two others who might be connected to the incident have been detained. Police are searching for at least one more suspect.

A police statement said the Melton family had asked for the media to give them privacy.

Kansas City Mayor Mark Holland wrote about the incident on his Facebook page:

"It is with a heavy heart that I share the news that, for the second time this year, our KCK Police Department has lost an officer in the line of duty. Capt. Robert “Dave” Melton was shot this afternoon while responding to a drive-by shooting.

"Capt. Melton’s death comes a little more than two months after Det. Brad Lancaster died at the hands of another criminal. Their deaths remind us of the tremendous risks our law enforcement officers take every day to keep us all safe. Please join me as we offer our prayers and our support to those most affected by this senseless tragedy—Capt. Melton’s family, his friends, and his fellow officers. Join me, also, in thanking the first responders and medical team who worked so hard to try to save Capt. Melton’s life.

"This is a very tense and volatile time in our community and our nation. It is important that we not jump to conclusions or speculate about this situation. Our police and city officials will share information as it becomes available. As we wait for that information, let us focus our thoughts and prayers on Capt. Melton’s family, our Police Department, and on the community."

Dr. James Howard of the University of Kansas Hospital said the deceased had no blood pressure or pulse when he arrived. Doctors and nurses at the University of Kansas Hospital reportedly tried for 30 minutes to revive Melton before he was pronounced dead.

Additional source: KCTV5, CNN