Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Beyonce's fans are upset that P.Diddy called Lil Kim the real Queen B at #HipHopHonors

Knowing how vicious Beyonce's fans who are fondly called the Beyhive, can be, (bees sting, remember?) Puff Daddy, Sean Combs comments at the hip-hop honors event, is causing online outrage, lol

P. Diddy is quoted to have said of famous rapper, Lil Kim that 'She is one of the greatest performers in hip-hop'. He also said that she is the real Queen B at the ongoing VH1 Hip-hop Honours event; Queen B a name that has become to be accepted to be associated with Beyonce.

It was also Lil Kim's birthday and he used the opportunity to sing a birthday song to her too...

“Everything about you, Kim, from your music to your fashion…you brought glamour to hip-hop,” Diddy said.

Lil’ Kim was shocked as all of this was going down. She thought Puff Daddy had a previous engagement, but little did she know that engagement was paying tribute to her.

“With your style…you changed the female MC game…and became one of the biggest international stars in rap history,” Puff Daddy said. “Kim made rap feminine and sexy, stylish and hardcore all at the same time.”

She did indeed. However, Puff Daddy noted that, above all, it’s Lil’ Kim’s fearlessness that makes her the icon she is today.

“It’s her courage,” Puff Daddy said. “She has no fear. Fearless. She’s not afraid to do things differently. She’s a diva at times. She’s high maintenance with me at times. At the end of the day, she demands the ultimate respect, and that’s how you treat a queen.”

The Beyhive are relentless and have come for P.Diddy on Instagram, lol. They have pictures of bees buzzing all over his page.