Saturday, 4 June 2016

Unknown benefits of unripe tomatoes

By Layo Coker


We have heard of the benefits of unripe plantain but have you heard of the benefits of unripe tomatoes?  Read on if you didn't know before now.

Relieves Constipation
We know that the sign of a normal digestive system  is to go to the toilet once or twice daily. However, it looks like the dream for those who are constipating. However, you can overcome constipation by eating a daily handful of green plums. Green tomatoes are rich in digestible fiber, flatulence, prevent constipation and gas problems.

Green plum prevents sagging
One of the greatest fears of those who diet and lose weight is sagging skin. Unripe tomatoes are rich in vitamin C.  It strengthens the connective tissue and prevents sagging skin while keeping your skin youthful as well. Eat a handful daily and experience one of the benefits of healthy eating green tomatoes.

Weight loss
A 2014 research from the University of Iowa reveals a compound found in green tomatoes provides potent muscle building potential, helps protect against age-related muscle loss, and boosts fat loss.. This property is an ideal fruit for snacks. 50 calories per 1 cup of green plums.

Anemia management
Anemia is the condition of having a lower-than-normal number of red blood cells or quantity of hemoglobin., particularly iron-deficiency. It causes situations such as obesity, including fatigue and hair loss, can lead to serious problems such as the inability to become pregnant. Iron and calcium are among the benefits of green plums. Eating a handful a day accompanied by a healthy diet can overcome anemia.

Strengthens the immune system
This means a strong immune system: it can be great as a preventive measure for diseases like AIDS and  cancer. Green tomatoes strengthen immunity with vitamins C, A and K

Green plum protects against lung cancer
Those who eat green plums get help with managing asthma, lung cancer, colds and cough. If you smoke, get a little bit of a handful per day to reduce the damage you see you can eat green plums. It is believed that regularly consume green plums avoid problems seen in the elderly.

Additional information from CNNTurk