Thursday, 23 June 2016

She's 80 and the world's oldest female bodybuilder

She looks so good for her age. As it turns out, her secret to her youthful radiance is highly achievable but requires effort that not many people can put in.

At age 57, following the early death of her sister from a brain aneurysm, Ernestine Shepherd decided to commit herself to no longer being a self-described "slug."


Over the years, Shepherd built up her strength and in 2007 decided to enter the world of bodybuilding. Three years later, Guinness World Records declared the 5'5" woman to be the world's oldest bodybuilder.

Now at the age of 80, Shepherd continues her regimented routine that sounds exhausting. 

Her mantra is "Age is nothing but a number," she wakes up at 4 AM to run 10 miles. In addition to all that cardio, Shepherd strength trains at least four times a week. She eats as much as she works out, downing 1,700 calories over seven meals a day.