Friday, 17 June 2016

People are talking about this new condom that can't get torn by a needle prick

Interesting. A condom that cannot get torn by needle pricks...

LELO, an adult toy company has made what it is claiming as the first major change to condom design in 70 years.

After being in development since 2011 LELO has finally released more details on the condom, which "aims to change the way the world views safe sex."

As LELO believes one way of encouraging safe sex and condom use is by making condoms more appealing to use, rather than more freely available, the LELO HEXTM has changed the structure of the condom for extra flexibility, and to mold to the skin for extra comfort. Its unique webbed texture also prevents slippage and combines both thinness and strength for sensitivity but with reduced breakage.

According to Mashable, the condom cannot get torn even by a needle prick.

The new design is also being welcomed by actor Charlie Sheen, the brand's ambassador who is seen on the company's  website encouraging condom use and supporting LELO HEXTM and their efforts to revolutionize the condom.

The condoms are available to preorder now from LELO's website at a reduced price of 12€ for a box of 12, giving those curious to try the new design 40% off the regular retail price.

HEXTM will start shipping on August 15, 2016.