Saturday, 4 June 2016

Human remains found in crocodile after woman went missing in beach

© Joe Penney

Australian Local MP Warren Entsch described the incident when it happened on Monday as a case of “human stupidity.”“You can only get there by ferry, and there are signs there saying watch out for the bloody crocodiles,” he said, adding that “if you go in swimming at 10 o’clock at night, you’re going to get consumed.”

Cindy Waldron, 46,  was attacked by a crocodile during a late night swim at Thornton Beach in Daintree National Park on Sunday and police set up a number of traps in the hope of catching the guilty crocodile.
Police will examine a crocodile trapped as part of an investigation into Impulsive New South Wales photographer, Cindy Waldron (pictured), 46, who was dragged under the water by a crocodile on May 29

Police in Australia found human remains inside a crocodile killed off the northeast coast in their search for a body of a woman who died in a recent reptile attack.

Authorities in Queensland caught the 4.3m estuarine croc on Friday and moved it to a secure Environment Department facility in Cairns where staff are said to be confident it is the crocodile responsible for the fatal attack having found human remains inside it.

It was sedated it and the contents of its stomach flushed out but the results were inconclusive, ABC reported.

Speaking after the attack, Waldron’s sister Anna-Lee Annett described the 46-year-old woman’s death as "the most heartbreaking, horrendous thing" to happen to their family while her father said his daughter had been an impulsive person and would often "do crazy things."

"What she did there was a crazy thing, absolutely crazy. But that was her," he said.