Saturday, 11 June 2016

Eleven family members shot to death in Mexico

Eleven members of a family were found shot to death in central Mexico in what a local official said Friday may have been religiously motivated killings.

The attacks Thursday night targeted a couple, their children and other relatives in the remote hamlet of San Jose el Mirador in the municipality of Coxcatlan, Puebla state.

Coxcatlan Mayor Vicente Lopez de la Vega said the dead include five women, four men and two girls. Two other children were wounded and were being treated at a hospital.

Lopez de la Vega said the hamlet's residents, who are largely evangelical Protestants, had disagreements with a neighboring village that is mostly Roman Catholic.

But he said a rivalry between family groups could have also been the motive.

The Puebla state prosecutor's office said two witnesses survived and were under government protection. They told authorities the attackers arrived at the remote mountain village by foot, opened fire and left.

The area has not been particularly hard hit by the drug violence raging in much of Mexico, but drug cultivation and land disputes are quite common.