Saturday, 18 June 2016

Dad shot dead in front of his kids on Facebook live (disturbing video)

How cruel!

A young father was mercilessly gunned down in front of his children while streaming live on Facebook.

Antonio Perkins, 28, was at a park in North Lawndale, Chicago, with two of his three children and some friends, according to the Mirror.

The video shows Perkins chatting with a group of his old friends who he hadn't seen for a while. This lasted for around five minutes before the shooting took place.

Just before he is shot, he is heard shouting 'what's up?' aimed at someone off camera. Seven shots are heard. Allegedly, he was hit in the head and neck. Blood can be seen in the video, and tragically the recording continues while he is on the grass.

This comes after Perkins' own brother was reportedly also killed after being shot several years ago.

Friends can be heard in the video shouting for someone to 'call the police'.

Chicago Police has apparently said that the shooting is gang related. However, Perkins' family has been quick to defend him.

According to WGNtv, Perkins' father said: "A lot of people loved my son; he was a good person."

They say that he had just been promoted in his job at McDonald's, and worked constantly. According to them, the night out at the park was a rarity.

His friend, Tiffany, said: Stop judging everybody. Stop judging us like that. His life really did matter."

The police have not yet arrested anyone.

Please be warned, the footage is disturbing. However you can access it below:

RIP Antonio.