Friday, 10 June 2016

Chinese teen left with fractured skull and hearing loss after roommate hit him for 'snoring too loudly'

Ordeal: The 15-year-old from China claimed he had been beaten because his roommate didn't like him snoring

A 15-year-old Chinese student named Ma Guorui, is critically injured after he was allegedly hit by one of his roommates for snoring too loudly during sleep.

He said he had been smacked hard in the head by the roommate during his sleep, reported the People's Daily Online.

Severely injured: Ma Guorui (picture) suffered a fractured skull and hearing loss after being hit by roommate

Ma, from Yan'an, central China's Shaanxi Province, was diagnosed with a fractured skull as well as hearing loss in the left ear after his parents took him to the hospital the next day. Ma is a grade one student at the Affiliated Middle School to Yan'an University and shares a room with 12 other pupils.