Saturday, 7 May 2016

Teenager denied access to Paris school because her skirt was 'too long'

A teenager expelled & eacute; e of its lyc & eacute; e & agrave;  Because of her dress jug & eacute; e too long

A pupil of the Flora Tristan first high school in Montereau-Fault-Yonne (Seine-et-Marne), K., 16, was denied access to school on Tuesday, May 3, due to her dress, being too long. 

The day before, the headmistress had said that her dress was  "conspicuously religious" and therefore she could not it wear in high school. 

Since 2004, the law provides that:

"In schools, colleges and public high schools, the wearing of signs or clothes by which pupils overtly manifest a religious affiliation is prohibited. 
The rules shall state that the implementation of a disciplinary procedure is preceded by dialogue with the student. "

The discreet religious signs are tolerated out of respect for civil liberties. But where to draw the line? On the issue of long skirts, the State Council has not yet ruled. 

Converted to Islam

K. has converted to Islam a year ago. Every morning before getting underway, she removes her veil. But on Tuesday, the girl in a black robe H & M, a vest reaching the knees and sneakers is greeted at the entrance by the headmaster. "She said that she was prohibited from entering the facility with this outfit" said her mother Marie-Christine de Sousa, to "L'Observateur". 

"My daughter, Franco-Portuguese, from a Catholic family, has converted to Islam, yes. I always accompany her in the choices and decisions. Earlier this year, I allowed her to wear the veil, she removed before entering the course. and so it has sun dresses for going to school. " 

Monday, late in the day after the call in the office of the headmaster, the girl had told her mother by SMS, according to the account of the latter: "Unable to join the Headmaster, I called the CPE [Senior Advisor education, ed] to know what was happening, the next day I showed up at school to ask to see the Headmaster. " 

The head of the institution receives briefly  Marie-Christine de Sousa. She  explains that "wearing robes in public, secular establishment is not tolerable, it is a religious symbol." Mom asks a written document in which mention is made ​​of the reason for exclusion. "She refused and insisted that from now on, my daughter would not be allowed in long dress."

A complaint is considered

After our phone call to school Wednesday, the Assistant to the Headmaster called the family to offer a Monday dialogue. The family has a complaint.  Marie-Christine de Sousa harshly judge the decision of school:

"My daughter respects the law, I respect his religion, there is just of tolerance and respect. Until then, we had no comment on the meeting. Except for some problems of chatter, the girl is very discreet about his conversion. It is necessary that people stop doing amalgams and judge too quickly".

K. had been investigated  by  educational staff about het conversion. "The procedure, usual in such cases, went well, we came home, we asked teachers and the case concluded that there was no risk of indoctrination. The high school had been informed, "said the mother. 

"A long dress is not a reason for exclusion"

On Wednesday, the Créteil Academy ensures that the girl "has NOT been excluded from the establishment."

"It was convened, this was not an absolute serenity, but a dialogue was held with the family and will be continued on Monday and that will continue. The advantage is that this girl is that it continues schooling in the normal way,  a long dress is not a reason for exclusion. "