Monday, 23 May 2016

Rescued Chibok girl heads for rehab

For security reasons, the 19-year old Amina will be put in a rehabilitation facility with her mother to enable her take care of her baby.

It was gathered that a rehabilitation facility has been built for strategic victims of Boko Haram, especially the Chibok girls.

On the girl from GSS Chibok, Sarah Luka, a military source said: “Once we rescue Boko Haram victims, we hand them over to relevant civil authorities and agencies. She will also undergo a rehabilitation process like Amina.”

Amina will be put in a designated rehabilitation facility alongside her mother.

Another source said: “For security reasons, we will relocate Amina and the mother to a safe rehabilitation facility which has been created by the government. I cannot tell you whether this rehabilitation facility is in Abuja or Maiduguri.

“What is important is that they will be put in a facility where Amina can be psychologically secured and under the guidance of her mother because she is a kid-mother. The facility will enable her to raise her child under the care of her mum.

“We have to work on her psyche to forget about this forceful marriage, the trauma in Sambisa Forest and to allow her to think of how to go back to school for a brighter future.”

A top military source said to The Nation: “Hayyatu is being treated as a Boko Haram commander and he is being interrogated at a military facility. He is a suspected insurgent and if he is culpable of all these atrocities, he will face trial accordingly.

“The military has detained him for profiling by the Intelligence Unit. He can be released only if at the end of the day he is innocent.

“With this development, there is no opportunity of reuniting with Amina or the baby.”

-The Nation