Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Pictured: The incredible tumour removed from this woman weighs as much as a baby elephant!

She had it cut out in a three hour operation, in which doctors said it was the biggest tumour they'd ever seen

An Indian woman had an incredible 15- stone tumour removed from her abdomen after five years of agony.

Devi Kamlesh, from Meerut, in Uttar Pradesh, northern India, coped with the massive growth for so long because her husband said the family were too poor for her to see a doctor.

Devi Kamlesh, 45, had a 15st (213lb or 97kg) tumour removed from her abdomen after five years of agony

The 45-year-old said she followed her husband’s wishes even though the pain was unbearable.
But after his death six months ago she decided to finally see a doctors about the tumour - which weighed as much as a newborn elephant.

The growth - which weighed the same as a baby elephant - was found to be growing from her right ovary

Dr A S Jaggi, at Lokpriya Hospital, Meerut, agreed to operate on Ms Kamlesh without charge as part of a scheme which helped impoverished people access healthcare.

The operation lasted three hours and the tumour was finally removed from her right ovary.

Doctors were shocked after they put the huge growth on the scales and discovered it weighed 213lb (97kg) - meaning Ms Kamlesh was carrying around the equivalent of 28 average-weight newborn babies.

Gosh, she must have been in so much pain!