Monday, 23 May 2016

Nigeria’s economy causes domestic violence- Redeemed Pastor

A pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Christ the Cornerstone Worship Centre, Gbagada, Lagos State, Ireti Sholola, has said the poor state of the economy is a cause of increased domestic violence in the country.

Sholola spoke at a dinner organised by the church tagged, ‘Evening of Discovery,’ in Ikeja, Lagos, on Saturday.

She said, “Today, domestic violence is a menace because a lot of couples are bottling up many issues. But according to Genesis 2:24-25, a couple should be open to each other. Also, the economy is a cause of domestic violence. A lot of people are weighed down by pressures from lack of work, lack of money and inability to meet up with family responsibilities.

“Sometimes, you see some people going to work and 80 per cent of their salaries have been spent on transport alone. The economy is part of the pressures on families. Bad economy is making some couples to behave abnormally.

“The government must ensure that the basic social amenities are provided and they are working. It is only in Nigeria that you pay your taxes, and you also pay for the things that the tax should take care of. You pay for security and you don’t really get it. When you go to America, you still have poor people, but their basic needs are taken care of.”

Sholola urged couples to strive to live together in love.