Monday, 23 May 2016

Nigeria: Sixty-four percent of imported Malaria drugs are fake?

Mr. Yakubu Gobir the founder of INVIVO health and beauty and also the managing director SmartMark Limited spoke about the issues confronting Nigeria as regards the counterfeiting of drugs.

He spoke about the effects of counterfeit drugs on the body stating that these effects range from microbial resistance, therapeutic failure, organ damage reduced drug compliance ultimately leading to a waste of financial resources and some times even death.

He stated that the most common type of drugs being counterfeited are antimalarial drugs with a World Health Organisation report stating that 64% of anti-malarial drugs imported into Africa are fake.

He stated that Brazil is a major culprit in this regard with other countries like China, India and Pakistan being culpable also. He stated that countries without strict rules as regards the regulation and distribution of drugs are the ones where this practice is rife with Nigeria being responsible also in this.

He spoke about measures to ascertain real drugs and said that Mass Authentication System (MAS) has really made things easier with the buyer having the power which is exhibited by sending the number on the package of a drug to a particular number and the authenticity of such a drug can be verified thus.