Friday, 27 May 2016

Natural breastfeeding prevents diarrhoea

Dr. Wael Bahbah

Dr. Wael Bahbah, an Egyptian professor of pediatrics at the University of Menoufia, has said  that breast milk prevents the occurrence of diarrhoea during the first 12 months of life.

He explained that natural breast - feeding may be healthier than feeding by drinking milk in the bottle , " the bottle", where they reduce the risk of ear infection, it also prevents the occurrence of microbes and diarrhea.

The Professor of Pediatrics that one month of breastfeeding lowers the 4% the likelihood of infection occurring fungal or viral infection in the ear.

Giving  the baby breast milk for six months reduces nearly 30% of the risk of diarrhea, so the result of the mother 's milk contain antioxidants and antibodies protect the body from disease.

His remarks came as part of  the Fourth International Congress of Pediatricians held in Alexandria, Egypt.