Thursday, 12 May 2016

Melania Trump's secret brother, who has never met his sister or Donald, says 'I'd like to go out with them for a drink... or pizza'

Melania Trump's secret brother lives in rural Slovenia and never met Donald

Two weeks after it was revealed that Melania Trump has a secret half-brother, the man has spoken out, saying he would love nothing better than to get to know her and her husband Donald Trump. 

Denis Cigelnjak (top) said that once the US presidential election is over, he wants to have pizza and a drink with the presumptive Republican candidate and his glamorous ex-model wife. 

The 50-year-old now lives in an apartment building in the former mining town Hrastnik in a remote mountainous area over an hour out of the Slovenian capital Ljubljana. 

He claims that despite having never met Melania or her billionaire husband he has never wanted for anything and lives a happy life with his partner and eight-year-old daughter.

-Daily Mail