Monday, 23 May 2016

Inside the bizarre world of men who like to dress up and be treated like puppies

Secret life of human pups

There are roughly 10,000 tail-wagging men across England  who like to dress up and be treated like dogs in their spare time.

"Human pups" squeeze themselves into bizarre latex suits for the hobby, which will leave most people scratching their heads as to its appeal.

Kye, 28, an Oxford University graduate, insists: "Puppy play is not about sex, it is a form of escapism".

Secret life of human pups

The wacky practice has been profiled in Channel 4's documentary the Secret Life of Human Pups.

Whilst it's mainly men who like dressing up as mutts and mongrels, women are said to get involved by dressing up as kittens.

Secret life of human pups

Kye explains: "Females who are into pet play are usually into kitten play as they identify more with kittens than pups."

Channel's show also covers the story of theatre technician Tom, 32, from Tring in Hertfordshire.

Tom, or Spot as he likes to be known, broke up with his fiancee Rachel because of his desire to dress up like a Dalmatian.

Secret life of human pups

He said: "You disappear and start chasing puppy toys. You go so deep into the head space, you crave it and want it. It's just magic."

Rachel, who has remained friends with him, said: 'I didn't understand it. I didn't want to understand it."

Tom has splashed out £4,000 on his hobby over the last 10 years.

In the programme he shows off his rubber costume complete with breathing tube, but confesses: "It is quite awkard to put on, you need a lot of talc."

Tom has even slept in a dog crate in the past which has training pads in case he needs to go to toilet.

His passion for living as a canine paid off when he was crowned Mr Puppy UK in November last year.

On his Twitter account Tom, or Spot, says he is owned by a man called Colin.

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