Monday, 9 May 2016

'I washed my hair and looked good to prepare for my all children's births' NTDC boss, Sally Mbanefo

Many women just let them selves go during pregnancy, they look so unkempt and make pregnancy look unattractive. But not Sally Mbanefo.

Sally Uwaechue Mbanefo  is the Director General, Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation (NTDC). In this interview, she takes you into her world, early life, memorable moments having her children, style, life as a banker, lawyer, artist and her desire to be Africa’s Mother Teresa.

Tell us some memorable moments in your life and career.

I think the most memorable time in my life was when I had my children; when I had my first child.  I was so anxious to be a mother.  And I said, ‘oh, when you go to have your child, these women, these people they look so ugly. They look so funny.’  I woke up by 4 in the morning when my water broke and I woke up my husband and said, ‘oh I must look very beautiful when my baby comes.’

I want my first encounter with my daughter to be a very nice one, you know. And I went to the shower, washed my hair, shaved my legs, cleaned everywhere and looked good. After that, I told my husband, ‘let’s go.’ Oh, it was so wonderful. And after my daughter came and we made the first eye contact, it was just a beautiful experience.  I said God is recreating me in another human being, you know.  So, that, to me, was the most memorable moment.

Each child was so special, even my second daughter.  When she came, I was praying my Rosary.  Somehow, that made a great difference between my first daughter and the second one.  Her labour experience was less than one hour.  I was almost getting through when I was walking into the hospital.  Then I screamed.  As I got into the hospital, her head was already popping out, and within 45 minutes she was already out.

And my son too, my third child, that was where I experienced an incredible miracle.  I thought he had already died inside me because I was working so hard when I was pregnant.  I was a banker at that time and there was hardly time to rest, to look after yourself and be a mother, be a wife and be everything.  Then I just found myself screaming, praying my Rosary over and over again.  This was so because they told me I needed an operation.

I just couldn’t accept it; they injected me and nothing came out.  And the second week was coming up.  Then I continued to pray my Rosary non-stop.  That very moment, that was by midnight, I felt some kind of anointing all over me.  I fell into an incredible deep sleep.  I woke up in the morning and the nurses said to me, ‘oh, madam, you are happy this morning.’  And I said, ‘yes, I am happy because I am having this child today.’  And they said, madam, no, no, this child is not coming out.  And I said ‘my child is coming out today.’  That very day, within an hour and half, my child came out.  So my three pregnancies were very wonderful; they are the most memorable moments in my life, in my whole life.  And they have continued to be wonderful children, my best friends.  They have not let me down.

Source: The Nation