Monday, 23 May 2016

Heartbreaking pictures of husband and wife on life support saying goodbye

Life Support

A heartrending photo of a married couple saying goodbye to each other while both are hooked up to life support machines was shared online by their son.

Chris Minnini, 21, uploaded the photo to social media site Reddit on Thursday afternoon as a way to commemorate the love shared by his parents, who had been married for 23 years.

The photo was taken by Chris’ brother shortly before their 58-year-old father Jim died last weekend from lung cancer.


He said that the picture was taken in the “last couple of hours” of his dad’s life who wanted to be with this wife.

He continued: “My mum was sedated in that picture, which is why we had to wait to do the service for my dad until yesterday because she never got to properly say goodbye."

Life Support

Chris also says that it was the first time two patients on life support had been placed side-by-side in the Intensive Care Unit of Kingston General Hospital.

Bereaved Cindy is now recovering at home following her heart attack and her husband’s death.

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