Sunday, 1 May 2016

Google patents eyeball technology that gives you super powers!

Google patents eyeball technology that gives you super powers

Would you like to use such a technology?

Google might be developing a computer that can be injected into your eyeballs and gives you super powers.

It’s only an idea at the moment (the internet giant has just taken out a patent) but we’re still definitely excited.

A user will be able to process extra information through an antenna that would connect them to other devices.

If that’s not super enough for you, a user will also be able to store files and listen to a radio through the special computer, according to the recently filed patent.

And of course it would correct your vision.

The eyeball computer may never get released but the technology may still be used in a similar device.

Google seems to have a thing for eyes after previously developing the Google Glass spectacles that never quite became the hit the company was expecting.

Google declined to comment when contacted by