Saturday, 7 May 2016

Diet changes for healthier living- Expert

According to research by Dr. Bruce Roseman, weight gain stems from an addiction to certain foods. In reality, you are a prison of what you eat.

Accepting that food addiction is a real problem and treating it like any other addiction puts you in control of your health and your weight.

Rule number one when beginning your diet overhaul is no bread and no potatoes. Keep an eye out for foods that have bread in them --- pizza, wraps, pitas, tortillas, meatloaf (often made with bread or breadcrumbs). When in doubt, read ingredient labels.

When eliminating "addictocarbs," keep in mind that the things acceptable are shakes, proteins, fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, cheeses, salads, pasta alternatives, bread alternatives and potato alternatives. Cut out the nine highly addictive carbs while eating healthy, flavorful foods such as fruits, nuts, vegetables, cheese and meat.