Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Will you like to dine at this new NAKED (yes, nude) restaurant opening soon in London?


A restaurant which encourages diners to shed their clothes and eat in the nude is coming to London this summer.

Called The Bunyadi, it will be split into clothed and unclothed sections, with meal-goers asked to enter a changing room and remove all but a provided gown. They can then choose whether or not to keep this on throughout the meal. 

The idea is that the restaurant is “free from the trappings of modern life”. As such it will use only “the most natural, home-grown ingredients to envelope its patrons in a world free from phones, electric lights and even clothing”. 

There'll be plenty of flesh to go around. Caveman-style wood-grilled meats will be served on handmade clay crockery to be eaten with edible cutlery, in the candlelit space that will be “creatively partitioned with bamboo and wicker”. 

The pop-up is set to take place in central London in June — location and duration undisclosed — and apparently already has waiting list of over 3,000 people. How many of them will be planning to bare all remains to be seen?