Friday, 1 April 2016

Science proves that every parent has a favourite

Yes, your parents do have a favourite child
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Finally, science has confirmed what we all know to be true: our parents are playing favourites. Lol

It doesn’t matter how many times our mums fiercely proclaim that they love ALL their kids EQUALLY. We know the truth. We know our brother always got the biggest slice of cake. We know for a FACT that we were grounded for stuff he got away with three years ago.
And now science has backed us up.

As The Science of Us notes, research from sociologist Katherine Conger found that there definitely seems to be preferential treatment happening in families.
Conger and her research team asked 384 pairs of siblings how they felt their parents treated them, asking if there was a difference compared to their sibling and whether their self-esteem was affected as a result.
The team then also interviewed each sibling pair’s parents, to see if they would confirm their kids’ suspicions.

They found that firstborn siblings tended to feel preferred, while the younger siblings felt they received less positive attention and faced stricter rules (likely because their parents had learnt their lessons with their first child and tended to be tougher the next time around) than their older brother or sister.
Interesting. We’re not alone.
Now here’s the interesting bit. While none of the parents would tell their kids that they preferred one over the other, 70% of dads and 74% of mums admitted to researchers that yes, they gave one child preferential treatment over the other one.

So it’s all real. It’s not in our heads. Our parents secretly DO have a favourite. This is terrible.

Please, do now feel free to text your parents this article until they admit the truth.

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