Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Photos: China’s first test tube baby now a father (baby was born naturally)

China’s first test tube baby, Luo Youqun, has a healthy daughter given birth naturally by his wife, it was announced on Saturday.

With his daughter’s birth, Luo becomes China’s first person conceived through IVF (in-vitro fertilization) to have a child through natural birth.

Luo Youqun was born in June, 1988. He was “created” by Lu Guangxiu, the director of the National Engineering and Research Center of Human Stem Cells. Luo was the subject of much attention after his birth, and since a young age he has always known the story of how he was conceived.

He claimed that he always thought he had super powers, but gradually realized that he is a normal person just like anybody else. He attended school and got married, enjoying a normal regular life.

Never covering up the fact that he was a test tube baby, Luo went on to study at a medical university. After graduation, he came back to his scientist ‘mom” Lu, and worked with her to help more couples conceive through IVF.

Luo’s daughter was born healthily on Wednesday in Changsha, Hunan Province.

Source: New China TV