Saturday, 2 April 2016

Before & After: Identical twins say they got big bums from 2000 squats a day!

Identical twins Miriam and Michelle Carolus claim that their large backsides are the result of doing 2,000 squats a day.

“We make sure we eat the same, exercise the same — everything the same,” Michelle tells Barcroft of their routine. “We try to do a couple of thousand squats a day to keep in shape. It won’t be all at the same time. It will usually be stretched over something like nine hours.”

The fit twins now have nearly 250,000 followers on Instagram and revealed that they earned a combined $30,000 after breaking into modeling as the “Double Dose Twins” two years ago.

“It started off with Instagram. We’d never had social media before then. We posted a picture and got a lot of attention for the first shoot we did,” Michelle explains. “We’ve have a lot of bookings for magazines and offers to travel. Modeling is actually a lot of fun.”

While they shelled out $5000 to boost their B-cups to D-cups, their most notorious assets are natural.

When it comes to their personal lives, the twins would obviously have no trouble turning heads from the opposite sex.

“It’s not hard for us to get attention from guys but it’s hard for them to get attention from us,” Miriam said. “When we are out in a club we get a lot of attention and there will be a lot of double takes of us.”

As for joint ventures in the bedroom, threesomes is where the girls draw the line.

“Some guys even think they can go after us together, which is so lame,” Miriam dished. “We share most things but we’ll never share a guy."