Saturday, 19 March 2016

Try this 7-Minute Morning Routine For Better Health, Wealth, & Happiness

Looking to power up your day? Check out this 7 minute morning routine for better health, wealth, and happiness. Begin the day feeling great and be the best that you know you can be by waking up a bit earlier for silent encouragement and motivation to get you in the right spirit.

Stay In Bed

Set your alarm a bit earlier and stay in bed for 7 minutes in silent reaffirmation. Stay still, maybe with your eyes closed and serenade your mind with positive thoughts.

Think about all the accomplishments you have had in the past day and think about all that you can accomplish today. Think about something that makes you happy, your passions, and your dreams. Let that get you feeling good before you go out and conquer your day.

Take advantage of the moment and let it speak to you. Relax. If you cannot think of anything positive, focus on your breathing and intensify it taking in deep breathes, exercising your lungs. Listen to your breathing and let it be the only sound that enters your mind.

Find peace in the fact that your breathing is a definite confirmation that you are alive and well and that so far the world has been a source of good will for you.

After 7 minutes, become conscious of your body and surroundings, and conscious of the day ahead of you. Slowly ease yourself to full awareness and stretch the tiredness out of your bones and muscles.

Get up, shower, eat a healthy and fulfilling breakfast and begin your day.

No matter where you day may take you, allow yourself to enjoy it, learn from it and embrace it. Be compassionate to others and remember that time you spent in morning renewal.

All it takes is a good 7 minutes to become aware. Practice this awareness in the morning, when your mind is clear as the new day begins and relax in your positivity. Fight back negative feelings that can infuse your body with harmful effects that keep you from gaining better health, wealth, and happiness that you deserve.

By dedicating a small bit of time to inner relaxation, reaffirmation, and renewal, you identify with your purpose, the meaning of life to just live.

By dedicating a small bit of time to inner relaxation, reaffirmation, and renewal, you identify with your purpose.
Often we find ourselves always on the go with never enough time to really take a break and just be for a moment. Practicing this can be soothing, illuminating and beneficial to our health and wellbeing. And not to mention, when our thinking is positive, our bodies benefit from good health. When our thinking is positive, we experience not only material wealth but an inner wealth that means so much more.

Practice this ritual every morning, 7 minutes before you actually get up and step into a new day with confidence, awareness, and mindfulness for a whole new you on the road to a greater happiness, health and fulfillment.

Consider repeating a reaffirmation technique at night before you sleep. Live a purposeful life, starting with one small step at a time.

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