Saturday, 12 March 2016

Early marriage increases the risk of depression and cervical cancer in young girls

“Generally speaking, teenagers make very poor mothers. Their judgement is poor and their skills at caring for newborns are hardly as good as that of adults. Biologically too, until the age of 18, a woman’s pelvic bone is still developing and may not be easy for a baby to pass through. So, even though one who is less than 18 can carry a pregnancy to full term as she has started menstruation, she may have obstructed labour when it comes to child delivery because the pelvis is not yet big enough for the baby to pass through.

 As another medical practitioner, Dr. Abayomi Adesuyi, puts it, psychologically, a girl under 18 is not ready for marriage. Hence, when the inability to meet up with the accompanying demands of marriage overwhelms her, the reaction of people around her begins to affect her psyche, making her withdrawn as she feels a failure. “Early marriage could make a teenage girl emotionally imbalanced. This could lead to depression, especially if she isn’t enjoying such marriage. Such people also factor in high mortality rate.

 “On the other hand, girls who engage in early marriage appear unkempt as they are not properly balanced. This could make them appear much older than they actually are because they are not even looking further than having their children and taking care of their homes,” Dr. Abayomi told Woman’s Own.

Starting sex at a young age, science has also revealed, can factor heavily in diseases such as cancer of the cervix; a cancer caused by the abnormal growth of cells in the cervix, with the ability to spread to other parts of the body. Corroborating this, Dr. Abayomi said: “When a child is exposed to sex at a very tender age, the tendency of having multiple sex partners is there and the risk of having cervical cancer is high. In pediatric medicine, engaging a minor in sex is labeled ‘child abuse’.

Culled from The Punch Newspaper
Image Source: Newsday