Sunday, 7 February 2016

How General Hospital Lagos is fast becoming a milking machine

Service to humanity is supposed to be their motto but these days, what we see is how the staff of General Hospital, Lagos, are simply focused on how much money they can make from each patient.

It doesn't feel like a hospital anymore but a bank!

It seems the doctors are given a target like bank marketers.

There are images and recorded conversations which will be revealed in due time.

Here are two scenarios:

A woman in her 50s goes to the General Hospital because he believes that specialists about there. She was there for many days and they kept pumping her with drugs, and blood which of course, many of them, were bought from the hospital's pharmacy. She fell back ill a few days later and was taken to LUTH (Lagos University Teaching Hospital). While there, you could tell the doctors knew what they were doing. Long story short, she was diagnosed of ulcer after an endoscopy test at LUTH. Why did the so-called specialists at the general hospital not consider that before she was discharged? She spent hundreds of thousands before leaving the general hospital.

Next scenario. A 25-year-old man was involved in a serious accident where he had compound fracture. The accident happened on a Tuesday but the first surgery didn't take place until Sunday when the leg was already smelling foul. After the operation, by the next Saturday, the young man's family after a meeting, decided it was best to take him to The Orthopedic Hospital, Igbobi, Lagos.

The top doctors were consulted and they said they were not against second opinion but that there was nothing in the case that they couldn't handle. They also mentioned that if the family insisted on voluntary discharge, they were free to hire their own ambulance( not the hospital's ambulance). By this time, at least half a million Naira had exchanged hands. About 3 days later, we hear that the hospital was transferring this same patient to Igbobi.


What changed?

More details later.