Thursday, 5 March 2015

IBB's tribute to Obasanjo on his 78th birthday

Ibrahim Babangida: “Party or no party, my oga, Obasanjo “dey kampe”

Former president Gen Olusegun Obasanjo clocked 78 yesterday and former Head of State Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida sent him a tribute which was in major dailies today. Is it just me?

 IBB actually said "Baba, I Know "you dey kampe", party or no party....That's interesting if you ask me. 

Recall that Gen Obasanjo recently tore his PDP membership card in public. 

Read on:

My Oga, How times fly…
This uniform on you is a symbolic embellishment of a symbolic institution;
Profoundly cherished in its narrative of a sound career;
Conveying all the essential ingredients of discipline, patriotism, loyalty to country
And respect for mankind;
It removes all the sentiments of intimidation from “bloody civilians”,
And instills in us, that abiding sense of faith and confidence,
To dominate our environment for love of country;
You have seen it all; through thick and thin;
And that which binds us together remains in that unflinching love for country,
A country we jealously fought to sustain its unity and collective aspirations;
As you add one more year to your years on earth; my prayer is;
That you live longer to reap the fruits of your endless labour,
The labour of our heroes past, the labour of our war of unity,
To sustain this edifice, Nigeria;
That bears true testimony to our collective sufferance
Baba, I know “you dey kampe”, Party or no party;
On behalf of Aisha, Muha, Aminu and Halima;
I convey our felicitations to you on this special birthday celebration.
Many Happy returns.